Saturday, 30 November 2013

piRadio - Desktop Receiver

Differs little from the portable model aside from the additional LNA, speaker and audio amplifier

The LNA is the gold colour PCB on the right


  1. hi,
    Wonderful job, compiled, tested and working very well. :)
    But please, what can I do to have NFM mode ?

    many thanks,

  2. Hi Christian

    Wonderful you built your own radio! You can control the filter size using low_pass_real() by defining rate_out2. You can refer to the original rtl_fm.c at however please note that unmodified this code will probably not work on the low powered rPi.

  3. Thanks for your answer,
    I am not a good programmer, I give it a try but with no success, :(
    I am very interested, but I want to use it for HAM purpose, I need NFM more that WFM mode,
    may be you will make one "full ham version".


  4. Hi there Lom, This is exactly what I am trying to do! I have a USB RTL dongle with a CT1FFD HF downconverter working very well on a windows laptop, and have yet to get my raspberryPi card. What I also need to know is where do you get the small LCD screens and how do you drive them from the Raspberry Pi? I am also very much a newbie in Linux so not very good at all this compiling and GIT hub stuff....but learning!
    Any help gratefully received. Thanks and Congrats on achieving this great little unit! Maurice French

  5. Hi Maurice, thanks for your comments and sorry for the delay in replying. There are a LCD driver called fbtft made by Notro ( You'll see a list of supported LCDs on that page most of which can be picked up on eBay for about $8. They need to support SPI as the other types of LCDs will use the parallell bus interface and that will use all your GPIOs. With the latest Raspbian fbtft's drivers are part of the distro so you no longer need to rebuild the kernel (unless you want your own logo on boot!)

    1. Hi Lom, Tks yr reply and info about the TFT screens. I now have a Raspberry Pi B+ (Christmas present!). Now to understand how to put it all together and get my head around this compiling stuff! Rgds Maurice French

    2. Hi Lom forgot to mention I am using the CT1FFU HF downconverter if anyone interested (not CT1FFD as previously mentioned) Maurice

    3. Good luck Maurice and have fun!

  6. Hi Lom,

    very imteresting project I'm trying to build one but I'm completely newbie in linux and I got totally stuck on install/compile your code... could you please to write some quick tutorial how to install/compile your code on raspi...

    Thank you

  7. А видео работы приемника есть?